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Scheduled Maintainance

How many times have you taken your vehicle in for something only to get a huge and very expensive list of needed repairs? Just about every time, especially if you are going to a Dealer or chain repair shop.
Are You aware that you don't have to go to the dealer to keep your warranty intact? It's true, in fact here at Cary's auto we are much more thorough in the maintainance of each and every vehicle. In most cases we use the factory fliuds and parts. We also look out for our customers by advising them of warranty work that needs to be performed by the dealer. Many times the dealer will look the other way if there is a warranty issue and you are not listing it as a complaint.We have saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars worth of repairs that would have gone unnoticed until the warranty is void.
We are always cheaper as well! You don't pay for coffee and doughnuts. We don't have tile floors or a "free" carwash, but we won't charge you for them either.

We do 30K, 60K, 90K, and all other services as well as brakes and air conditioning.
Note: We are able to do service work but we are not able to do the actual warranty repairs. We do make a detailed list to give to your dealer. We also inspect the dealer's work to make sure the repairs were performed correctly.

Do you do oil change and how much?
Yes, however we are not a quick lube. In most cases we ask that the car get dropped off for us to do the oil change. This is for several reasons. It takes time to actually do all of the things necessary to complete this task properly. Today's cars have service lights that need to be reset as well as things like tire pressure lights. Topping off fluids and checking filters take time also. The service itself can easily take 45 min. to an hour on some vehicles. We have to fit them in with the other vehicles as well.
What does it cost?
Our oil changes average about $45 out the door. Why? Well we actually do all of the things you are supposed to do. We also don't up sell you on things like "fuel induction service and fuel injection flush" They are fake and are used to offset the loss of doing an oil change for $25. It is known at most shops that they are losing money on the oil change just to get them in the door. We just don't play games like that! We will not sell you something you do not need, which ends up saving you a bunch of money.

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